SpringCamp 2018.


Day#1 04.May

  • Arrival of volunteers in Perast, Boka Kotorska Bay
  • Meeting and socializing in Perast
  • 15.00h transfer from Perast to Ubalac, the village above Bay of Kotor
  • Hiking to the camp at ridges of Vranovo brdo mount
  • Acquainting the hosts of the Spring Camp and presenting the working plan
  • Dinner by the campfire and overnight in tents at Vranovo brdo ridge

The volunteering “Spring Camp” will last 10 days, from the 6th to the 15th of May and will be based in three different campsites.

Volunteers will clear the overgrown trails, refresh the signange and collect plastic and other rubbish on the Costal Mountaineering Transversal .

SpringCamp 2018 Program

Day#2 05.May

  • Clearance of the hiking trail: Vranovo Brdo – Perast
  • Lunch break on the trail between 13.00 and 14.00h
  • Continuation of the trail’s maintenance
  • Arrival in Perast
  • Rest and chilling in Perast
  • Transfer back to the campsite at Vranovo brdo
  • 20min hiking to the camp (from Ubalac village)
  • Dinner by the campfire and overnight in tents, Vranovo brdo ridge

Day#3 06.May

  • The 6th of May, also known as Djurdjevdan is a spring welcoming holiday celebrated throughout the Balkans. Dating from ancient times, it represents the first day of spring when people should go outdoors , swim in the water or walk barefoot and reconnect with the mother Earth. For this day, we will have a special program, hiking and excursions.
  • After the breakfast, hiking down from Vranovo brdo campsite to Perast (2h)
  • Boat trip to the “Our Lady of the Rocks” isle/church in front of Perast
  • Guided visit of the church and its museum
  • Boat trip across the Kotor bay with arrival in the old town of Kotor, guided tour and visit to a local pub
  • Transfer back to Perast by a local bus (25min)
  • Transfer by our vans to Ubalac
  • Hiking 20min to the campsite at Vranovo brdo
  • Dinner and overnight in the camp

Day#4 07.May

  • Breakfast above the bay, before packing and leaving the Vranovo brdo campsite
  • Some volunteers will help packing and transporting the camp (tents/kitchen stuff)
  • Some volunteers go for hiking and light trail clearance to Gornji and Donji Orahovac
  • Meting at a beach in Donji Orahovac
  • Lunch in Kotor bay
  • Transfer to Stari Bar, at the southern coast of Montenegro (13:30h)
  • Setting our tents in olive trees, Bartula village
  • Welcome barbeque and overnight in Bartula camp

Day#5 08.May

  • Breakfast
  • Clearance of the foot path to the Šarena stijena (rock)
  • Continuation and maintenance of a footpath from Šarena stijena to Gornja Poda village
  • Return back to the campsite
  • * Dinner and overnight in Bartula

Day#6 09.May

  • Breakfast
  • Maintenance and clearance of trail from Šarena stijena to Vruća river
  • Lunch break
  • Hiking to Stari Bar through old olives forest (1h)
  • Guided tour of Stari Bar
  • Sightseeing of the “Kaldrma” street with stop for a refreshment in some of bars
  • Visit/dinner to a cozy hostel at the foot of Stari Bar ramparts
  • Hike back to our campsite in Bartula (40min)

Day#7 10.May

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to the Velji Mikulici village, at the foot of Rumija and Lisinj mountains (1:30h)
  • Setting a camp and works on the trail between Velji Mikulici and Gornja Poda
  • Lunch break on the trail between 13h and 14h
  • Return back to the camp in Velji Mikulici
  • Dinner and overnight in Velji Mikulici, at the foot of Rumija and Lisinj mountains

Day#8 11.May

  • Breakfast
  • Maintenance and clearance of trail: Velji Mikulici and Gornja Poda
  • Lunch break on the trail between 13.00 and 14.00h
  • Drive back to the Bartula campsite (1:30h)
  • Dinner and overnight in Bartula

Day#9 12.May

  • Breakfast
  • Excursion to Velika Plaza beach at the mouth of Bojana river with Adriatic (1h of driving)
  • Walk and exploring the beach and Bojana river banks
  • Return back to Bartula camp
  • Farewell barbeque and party in Bartula campsite
  • Overnight in Bartula

Day#10 13.May

  • Goodbyes and thanks to the volunteers !

Recommended things to bring:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Light tent
  • Light backpack with 1.5l water-gear
  • Rain gear (waterproof jacket/pants)
  • Fleece jacket
  • Some working clothes
  • Headlamp
  • Swimming gear and towel

Sleeping bag is the only thing you should necessarily bring (preferably a mat too) !

All other items from our list are not obligatory but recommended to

“Spring Camp” is the place for sharing and organizers will do the best to make your stay more comfortable. So don’t worry if your list of things/equipment doesn’t fit with our recommendations.

If you are having your own tent (a light tent is preferable), we will appreciate if you bring it as we are having limited number of our own tents. If not, we will provide you with a good quality tent.

Start Your Adventure

or Contribute for Someone else

Regarding to luggage transports between the campsites, it is going to be provided by vehicles, so don’t be afraid if your luggage weight is bit oversized for carrying it on trail.

Expected weather in May is warm during the day (up to 25+ C), but nights are still fresh and in extreme cases the lowest temperatures could be close to 0 C, what is not to be expected in general.

A team of film makers will record the events in the camp thus making an easily accessible story about the event and the area where it would be conducted.