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Or contribute for someone else


A volunteer should donate up to 200 eur, depending on personal estimation for the contributing budget. This donation covers all overnights, food, transfers, working material and excursions during 10 days of Spring Camp duration.

Volunteer is expected to arrive and depart from/to the Spring Camp on it’s own way.

equipment note

It is preferable if you bring your own tent and necessary equipment (sleeping bag and mat) but even if you don’t have a tent or mat you will be able to participate if you really wish to do so. The organizers will also provide all the equipment necessary for clearing up the trails

good to know

It is good to know that according to 2023 program,  first campsite  will be improvised in the wilderness, having no regular water and without shower facilities. Improvised washing will be the hygiene solution.

The second campsite will have more facilities and spring water, but again – to come to warm water we will use the fireplace, so volunteers can count on improvised washing.

However, organizers will do their best to support the special needs when possible, so short visits for showering in friendly apartments (once we are migrating or reaching urban spots during work on trails) are an alternative.


Please arrange your own insurance to cover all the activities you will be undertaking.

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