The 2023
volunteer’s gathering
is on 12th of MAY
in Perast

This year we are proud to announce the Spring Camp anniversary. We never anticipated if such a demanding event will come to a continuation of first 10 years of international volunteers gathering in Montenegro. But, here we are. Thank you all, dear ex and dear future volunteers, without your adventurous spirit and warm heart our Spring Camp could not spread it’s wings for one decade already!

Vlatko Bulatović
cell: +382 69 314 222
viber/whatsapp: +382 68 101 482

In 2020 and 2021 the Spring Camp events were organized in an “alternative” manner as international travelling was banned. During this two years our events were organized on shorter terms while most of volunteers were locals or rare foreign travellers temporary “captured” in Montenegro by travelling restrictions.
Last year in 2022, travelling got back and we were happy to invite any worldwide traveller interested in volunteering activity and outdoor adventure. However, international travelers were still shy so in 2022 we held a regular 10 days event but with just few foreigners.
This year (2023) our Spring Camp event will last from 12th – 21st of May. Activity will be focused on building a hiking shelter in an attractive ridge above the Boka Kotorska bay for first 3 days, later continuing with wood&stone workshops combined by trails’ clearing at ridges of Lovćen mountain, overlooking at the Adriatic coast. Spring Camp will have just 2 stages this time.
Working tools, transports and food is provided from the side of organizer. Minimum equipment for a volunteer to bring are: working/hiking clothes, rain gear, hiking shoes and sleeping bag.
Good to know that campsites do not have regular facilities, so toilets / showering have to be improvised, especially during first 3 days at mountain ridge.
Anyone who read this lines and feel enough fit and adventurous to join us is welcome, but please be aware that number of volunteers is restricted, so first 20 volunteers confirming it’s arrival will be allowed.


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„Spring Camp“ is a 10 day event dedicated to the maintenance of hiking trails.
It intends to promote eco-tourism and sustainable visions in Montenegro.


In the spring of 2023 this event will take place in the Mediterranian part of Montengero in order to improve the conditions on the Coastal Mountaineering Transversal and to point out the beauty of this region to the volunteers.

It aims to improve enviromental awareness among the local inhabitants and to serve as an example for future activities of this kind.


There are max 20 spaces for participants on this camp

and they are given
on a first come first serve basis,
so do not wait too long


Last “regular” event held on 2019 (the 6th Spring
Camp) had volunteers from Bosnia, Netherlands,
Belgium, UK and Montenegro


Again, this year’s wish is to have many international and regional participants, people who love mountains and voluntary work and want to share their experiences.


The trails that you will be clearing up cover some of the most picturesque hiking area in Europe.

Excursions & Events

Montenegro is still very unspoiled and doesn’t feature too prominently on the tourist map so you will get a unique experience to visit the country before more tourists descend on it.

Kotor Bay (UNESCO cultural heritage site) is known as the “furthest southern fjord in Europe” and has a unique location. It lies on the former frontier between the Austro Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires which incidentally is the border between EU and non EU countries of the Balkan Peninsula today.

Excursions & Events

You are going to spend few days in/above Boka Kotorska Bay, one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Volunteers will visit UNESCO sites Perast and Kotor, having a boat trip and guided cultural tours there.


In short, you are getting some amazing photography opportunities, lots of local knowledge that volunteers from the region are happy to share, great camaraderie and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Not to mention the opportunity to be a pioneer in helping Montenegro to develop sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

During the “Spring Camp”, volunteers will have several excursions and restaurant meals in aim to experience the local hospitality, food, culture and history.



A small country in Balkans down the Adriatic Coast and it has five neighboring countries: Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania.
The nearest airports to Perast (the “Spring Camp” starting point) are Tivat (30km), Dubrovnik (60 km) and Podgorica (100km) where Easyjet and Ryanair fly to.

May is still early season so you should be able to find an affordable flight.

Start Your Adventure

or Contribute for Someone else

Regarding to luggage transports between the campsites, it is going to be provided by vehicles, so don’t be afraid if your luggage weight is bit oversized for carrying it on trail.

Expected weather in May is warm during the day (up to 25+ C), but nights are still fresh and in extreme cases the lowest temperatures could be close to 0 C, what is not to be expected in general.

A team of film makers will record the events in the camp thus making an easily accessible story about the event and the area where it would be conducted.